Rosback Perforator Parts

Listed Below you will find the Perforator Blades for the Rosback TrueLine Perforating Equipment.

Additional Items will be added as requested.  If you dont see it, email or text usWe can and will assist you!

221-028-03 copy.gif PERF 3T/INCH (220/223) $28.00

Upper Slot Perf Cutter 3 Teeth Per/In

221-028-04 copy.gif PERF 4T/INCH (220/223) $28.00

Upper Slot Perf Cutter 4 Teeth Per/In

221-028-06 copy.gif PERF 6T/INCH (220/223) $28.00

Upper Slot Perf Cutter 6 Teeth Per/In

221-028-06 copy.gif PERF 6T/INCH WIDE BRIDGE (220/223) $28.00

Upper Slot Perf Cutter, WIDE BRIDGE, 6 Teeth Per/In

221-028-09 copy.gif PERF 9T/INCH (220/223) $28.00

Upper Slot Perf Cutter 9 Teeth Per/In

221-028-12 copy.gif PERF 12T/INCH (220/223) $28.00

Upper Slot Perf Cutter 12 Teeth Per/In

We try to keep all our prices on our site up to date. Sometimes Manufacturers make changes and we did not receive the notice yet. For that reason All Prices on our site are subject to change. If there is a change, we will contact you.