Baum D5 ST 5-Head Stationary Table Drill



5 Head Stationary Table Drill for Nearly Effortless Drilling


5-drilling head capacity
Stationary table
Positive gear driven heads
Hydraulic operation
Head alignment without use of tools
Exclusive medical forms drilling capability
Safety interlock guards
Drill bit installation and removal without use of tools
Baum D5 ST Stationary Table Drill

The BAUM D5 ST Stationary Table Drill offers simplicity with precision and is designed for operator safety. Hydraulically powered for effortless operation offers increased efficiency and ergonomics.


1-1/4 in” (3.18CM) center to center minimum distance between heads
Capable of drilled hole sizes using bits from 1/8 to 1/2 in (3.1 to 12.7cm) diameter
Full 2 inch (5.1cm) high lift capacity
Electrics: 220/1/60 or 220/1/50 or 220/3/60 or 380-415/3/50

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