TrueScore-Pro Series Attachments

The TruScore-Pro Scoring Systems are designed for scoring digitally printed stock and any sensitive material. No more outsourcing difficult scoring jobs.

TrueScore-Pro: Has versions available for Rosback Perforators/Scorers and Folders with 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 1-1/8" Slitter Shaft Sizes.

TrueScore-Pro Quad: Used on Rosback Perforators/Scorers, to put (4) Score Lines on a "Hinged" Perfect Bound Cover.

TrueScore-Pro - TS30: Is used on a variety of Muller Perfect Binders to create "HINGED Covers". They Replace the Original Scoring Wheels on the Binders Cover Feeder.

View the options below to choose the one that is right for your applications...


Truescore-1.jpg Truescore-Pro $1,190.00

TrueScore-Pro: Used ON Rosback Perforators/Scorers, 218 Bobcat, 220 Series, 223 Series and 240 Series.

Select the machine you will be using the TrueScore-Pro on:
Truescore-1.jpg Truescore-Pro - F $1,275.00

TrueScore-Pro: Used on Folders with 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 7/8" and 1-1/8" Slitterr Shafts.

Select the shaft size required for your machines Slitter Shafts:
Truescore-Pro Quad-1.jpg TrueScore-Pro - Quad $2,375.00

TrueScore-Pro - Quad: For Use on Rosback Series Machines.

Select the Rosback Series You Require:
Truescore-Quad-TS30.jpg TrueScore-Pro - TS30 $2,475.00

TrueScore-Pro - TS30: Used for Cover Feeders On Perfect Binders.
Choose the one you require from the Drop Down List.

Select the Cover Feeder You Have:
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